Collection: 315mm Cold Saw Blade

The Cold Saw Shop carries many 315mm cold saw blades for the convenience of our customers. We offer many different sizes and coatings so you can find exactly what you need. You’ll find this information and more about individual 315 cold saw blades within the product descriptions. Review the details about the blades you’d like to buy to make sure they’re compatible with your machine and the type of tasks you do. We carry 315mm cold saw blades for major brands like Baileigh and Doringer cold saw blade machines. If you have experienced many saw blades break in the past, call us or shop with us today to experience high-quality cold saw blades at affordable prices. We only sell saw blades built to last professionals for consistent use; order the cutting essentials you need.

All 315mm cold saw blade orders qualify for FREE shipping. Need assistance? Call us directly to speak with a friendly blade expert: (855) 729-7732 or email us at We have over 40 years of experience and can help ensure you buy the blade you need.