Cold Saw Blade Sharpening

We are a full-service sharpening shop, sharpening hundreds of HSS cold saw blades every week. Below is our sharpening prices and the process we take in getting your blades sharpened and back in brand new working order.

 Cold Saw Blades $1.75/diameter inch
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A 13-1/2 inch cold saw blade would cost $24.50 to sharpen.

All cold saw blade sharpening is done on the same machinery we used to manufacture them - in flood cooled CNC machinery made specifically for cold saw blade sharpening and manufacturing.

When you send in your cold saw blades for sharpening, we take the following steps to ensure you get your blades back in the same condition they were when you bought them new from us.

  1. Once received, we record who sent the blades and the condition they are in. Once recorded, we send them into the shop.
  2. Every cold saw blade is then cleaned using ultrasonic technology to remove all dirt and grit.
  3. Each blade is then measured to determine how much material needs to be removed to ensure all rounded edges are removed so we are left with very sharp edges and corners.
  4. Blades are then loaded into our advanced CNC cold saw blade sharpening equipment utilizing CBN SuperAbrasive grinding wheels and sharpened back to factory specifications.
  5. Once finished, we inspect each blade to make sure it is perfect. Wipe it down, package it up, and ship it back to you. 

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