Collection: Throwaway Cermet Cold Saw Blades

Discover our Throwaway Cermet Cold Saw Blades, featuring cermet-tipped steel cutting blades designed for Amada, Nishijimax, Tsune, and Kasto machines. Engineered with a thin kerf, these blades cater to high-production cutting of billets, pipes, and various steel shapes. If you can't find your size or need assistance, reach out to us at (855) 729-7732. We also offer stocking programs to ensure you have the blades you need precisely when you need them. Designed for increased blade speeds and chip loads, our blades reduce cycle times and enhance productivity. The advanced coating technology provides stability at cutting rates exceeding 200m/min.

Throwaway cermet cold saw blades are gaining prominence for their exceptional cutting performance and extended blade life. At Cold Saw Shop, our cermet blades excel in providing fast, clean cuts in mild and tough steel solids, pipes, and tubes. Experience constant cut quality and durability, ensuring high process reliability crucial for "Just-in-Time" production. Our single-use sawing concept optimizes efficiency and resource utilization, enabling you to reduce manufacturing costs and respond promptly to customer needs. The cermet teeth, made through exclusive tip grinding and body technologies, offer a superior price-to-performance ratio, delivering the required quality and finish while ensuring outstanding productivity and durability compared to conventional HSS metal saws.

Ideal for mass production applications, cermet cold saw blades efficiently cut solid materials and tubing. Enjoy high cutting performance, extended blade life, shorter production times, and a lower cost per cut. Cold Saw Shop's cermet cold circular saw blades provide exceptional durability and wear resistance, outperforming Tungsten Carbide blades with lower material pickup. The optimal properties of cermet tips, combining ceramic temperature resistance and hardness with metal toughness, make these blades a superior choice for your cutting needs.

Machines utilizing these blades are commonly associated with brands such as Adige, Amada, Behringer, Bewo, Everising, Mega, Nishijimax, OMP, Plantool, Rattunde, RSA, Sinico, Soco, Soco, Tsune. For further details, please contact us.