Collection: 275mm Cold Saw Blades

Find the cold saw blades you need at the Cold Saw Shop that are perfect for a range of cutting needs. We have a wide selection of 275mm cold saw blades to choose from with different tooth counts and coatings. Our blades are built to last in different applications and on various machines. Browse the many options shown below and review the product description of the 275mm cold saw blades that interest you. Here, you can note the blade’s diameter, thickness, arbor hole size, and tooth count. When reviewing individual products, select the material you’ll cut with yours to ensure the perfect purchase. If you need M2, M35, or custom blades, call our team of experts for more information. We manufacture blades for ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting.

Cold Saw Shop sell the highest quality 275mm cold saw blades. All orders qualify for FREE shipping. Need assistance finding the right 275mm cold saw blades? We have over 40 years of experience and are always happy to support our customers. Call us directly at (855) 729-7732, or email us at We are always available to offer professional assistance.