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450 x 3.0 x 40 HSS M2 DMo5 Cold Saw Blade

450 x 3.0 x 40 HSS M2 DMo5 Cold Saw Blade

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450MM (17.717") DIAMETER
3.0MM (0.118") THICKNESS
40MM (1.575") ARBOR HOLE

This HSS cold saw blade is designed to fit the Haberle H450 machine and all other 450 model machines with a 40mm arbor. You don’t have to worry about the bolt holes because if your machine has a 40mm arbor, this blade is guaranteed to fit!

BOLT HOLES: 4/12/64 + 2/9/55
(4/12/64 = 4 bolt holes which are 12mm in diameter on a 64mm bolt circle)
The bolt circle is the distance from the center of one pinhole to the center of the other pinhole directly across the arbor hole.

If you are unsure of how many teeth you need for your application, try using our tooth count calculator by clicking here (new window or tab will open).

Please verify you order the correct arbor size.


All cold saw blades used to cut steel products should have a coating. The most common coating is black oxide, sometimes referred to as vapor steam coated. The coating is most important to help prevent galling. Galling is caused by friction between sliding surfaces, most commonly found in metal on metal applications when there is inadequate lubrication between the surfaces. The combination of the coated blade and your flood coolant will prevent this issue.

All blades are ground in the US on advanced computer numerically controlled (CNC) grinding equipment by industry experts with over 40 years of industry experience. 
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