Collection: Quantum (MACC) Cold Saw Blades

We make and sell blades for all cold saw machines. This page lists the available options for Quantum (MACC) cold saw machines.

Quantum (MACC) sells machines in the 250, 300, 350, and 370 model ranges. The model number indicates the maximum diameter blade the machine can utilize. For example, the 250 DV model takes a maximum blade size of 250mm. 

All Quantum (MACC) cold saw machines have a 32mm arbor.

Quantum (MACC)Cold Saw machine models: 250 DV, 300 EDV, 350 EDV, 350 S, NTM 350-S, NTS 370, NTA 370, NFA 370 GA.

You might notice that all of these blades come in different thicknesses (2.0, 2.5, and 3.0). We recommend using thinner blades when cutting thinner material (thin-wall pipe (.0625" and under) and thicker blades when cutting heavy material such as solids or very heavy-walled pipes.

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