Collection: MEP Falcon/Tiger 352 Cold Saw Blades

The MEP Falcon 352 and the MEP Tiger 352 cold saws are both great Italian made machines. They are heavy duty 3-phase saws with two speeds (30/60 RPM). Both the Falcon and Tiger machines take a 350mm diameter blades with a 32mm arbor with standard sized bolt holes.

Below are the cold saw blades we have available to fit your MEP Falcon 352 or MEP Tiger 352 cold saw. 

How to read the items below:
350 x 2.5 x 32 = 350mm diameter x 2.5mm thickness x 32mm arbor
Number of teeth will be chosen on the product page.

M2 blades are standard quality you will find sold at various retailers
M35 blades are a substantial upgrade from M2 blades with added cobalt. These blades are harder than M2 blades and stay sharp longer. If you're cutting stainless, use the M35 blades.

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