Collection: M35 Co5 - 5% Cobalt HSS Saw Blades

M35 cobalt saw blades are made from M35 tool steel containing 5% cobalt in addition to the alloy elements already present in the M2 blades. They are considered super high-speed steel blades which will provide extra hardness (66 HRc) for cutting stainless steel and hard alloy steels above 800 N/mm².

Do you feel like you're going through too many blades or they're dulling too quickly? Try our M35 Co5 blades. They are the BEST choice when cutting stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, tool steel, etc. All orders qualify for FREE shipping! If you need assistance finding the cobalt saw blades you need, call us directly at (855) 729-7732 or email us at and speak to a cold saw expert.