Collection: Aluminum Cutting Saw Blade

Our non-ferrous carbide-tipped saw blades utilize specially formulated carbide to cut all sorts of non-ferrous metal including aluminum, copper, and brass. These blades are also a great choice for plastics including vinyl. With their industrial-grade carbide tips, these aluminum cutting blades for circular saws offer superior durability and more precise cutting, which ensures a cleaner finish. Only buy the best tools for your steel cutting needs.

At Cold Saw Shop, we’ve designed our aluminum cutting saw blade with top-quality European-made carbide-tipped blades designed for non-ferrous metal and plastic cutting applications. Our carbide-tipped saw blades are made with the highest quality raw materials to be ran at high RPMs with no problem. Do not use on very low RPM machines - it is okay to use these blades on all woodworking machines. It is advisable to purchase a wax stick available in our shop for lubricant to extend the blade life and increase cut quality. If you have questions about our aluminum cutting saw blades or another product, call us to speak with a live expert about our carbide-tipped cold saw blades: (855) 729-7732.