Collection: Baileigh Cold Saw Blades

We make and sell blades to fit all cold saw machines. On this page are the available options for Baileigh cold saw machines.

Baileigh makes a 225, 250, 275, 315, and a 350 model machine. The model number indicates the maximum diameter blade the machine can utilize. For example, CS-225M - this model takes a maximum blade size of 225mm. 

All Baileigh cold saw machines have a 32mm arbor.

Baileigh Cold Saw machine models: CS-225M, CS-250EU, CS-275EU, CS-275M, CS-275ESA, CS-315EU, CS-350EU, CS-350M, CS-350P, CS-350SA

You will notice blade sizes below other than 225, 250, 275, 315, and 350mm. That is because it is okay to use a smaller diameter blade on your machine. Some companies prefer to use a smaller diameter blade when cutting solid material because it will reduce vibration and increase rigidity in addition to reducing the chance of breaking the blade due to a clamping issue or feeding the blade too quickly.

The other thing you might notice is all of these blades come in different thicknesses (2.0, 2.5, & 3.0). We recommend the thinner blades when cutting thinner material (thin-wall pipe (.0625" and under) and the thicker blades when cutting heavy material such as solids or very heavy-walled pipes.

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