Collection: 350MM (14 INCH) COLD SAW BLADES

The Cold Saw Shop sells quality blades at great prices. Whether you are cutting non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, titanium, or very thin-walled tubes, we have blades that will last. Shop our selection of 350mm cold saw blades, and explore your choices for what will work best for your machine. We sell blades compatible with major cold saw machines, such as Scotchman and Doringer. Offered below are our standard M2, M2 TiN Coated, and M35 cold saw blades in 350mm diameter. Cold Saw Shop stocks cold saw blades for every machine and application.

350mm cold saw blade orders qualify for FREE shipping. Need assistance? Call us directly to speak with a friendly blade expert: (855) 729-7732 or email us at