Collection: 285mm Cold Saw Blades

Discover our top-of-the-line 285mm cermet-tipped cold saw blades meticulously crafted to seamlessly fit Amada CM75AN, Behringer-Eisele HSC 70, HSC 90, Delta P-65A, Eversing P-65A/P70A/P75A, Mega CS 65, Nishijima-Simax NHC 070 NA, RSA Rasacut, and Tsune TKC 70GL machines. The Cold Saw Shop takes pride in providing superior blades at competitive prices.

Engineered with a thin kerf, advanced cermet teeth, and a premium PVD coating on the circumference of the blade, our 285mm cold saw blades offer an industry-leading low cost per cut. Unleash unparalleled performance with our 285mm cold saw blades, achieving fast, precise cuts in carbon steel and tough steel solids.

It's important to note that these specialized 285mm cold saw blades are not intended for use on manual machines. They are designed for auto-feed saws in production

Elevate your cutting operations with our premium selection of 285mm cermet-tipped cold saw blades, ensuring the performance your production needs. Trust The Cold Saw Shop for high-quality blades that redefine cutting standards.