Collection: 225mm Cold Saw Blades

When you need a high-quality saw blade, look no further than Cold Saw Shop. We design our collection of 225mm cold saw blades with precision and durability in mind to guarantee the best possible cutting experience.

We carry both standard and cobalt blades made with the highest-quality materials and crafted to provide exceptional performance. All our blades are created with the finest materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand even the toughest cutting tasks. Never settle for mediocre saw blades; invest in a 225mm cold saw blade from Cold Saw Shop.

These blades will fit your machine if it uses 225mm blades and has a 32mm arbor hole. To learn more about a specific option, select one of the below products and review the product description.

All our cold saw blade orders qualify for free shipping. If you need assistance, our team is happy to help. You can email your questions to or talk directly with one of our blade experts by calling (855) 729-7732.