Why You Should Use a Wax Stick When Cutting Metal

Why You Should Use a Wax Stick When Cutting Metal

Heat and friction are common challenges when cutting aluminum that can lead to rough cuts and decreased efficiency. Lubricants help increase the lifespan of cutting tools, which ensures you get the most use out of your assets. Find out why experts recommend you use wax sticks when cutting metal.

Improved Cutting Performance

Applying wax directly onto your cutting tool and the metal's surface dramatically reduces friction. This translates to a smoother sliding action and a cut that requires significantly less force.

Furthermore, lubricated cutting tools maintain their edge more effectively. The more precise your edge, the more accurate your cuts, leading to a final product with a more professional appearance. Ensuring machinery works properly also helps improve safety since there is a lower chance of damage or accidents occurring.

Minimized Metal Deformation

Deformation can be a constant threat, especially when working with thinner metals prone to bending and warping under pressure. By maintaining a more stable cutting environment, you can trust that the dimensions of your final piece will be accurate, saving you from the headaches of making corrections or starting over. Likewise, keeping the metal cooler reduces the risk of unwanted changes in the structure of your workpiece.

Reduced Friction and Heat

Heat becomes the enemy when you cut without lubrication, warping your metal and dulling your tools. Less heat also means reduced chances of metal burrs on the cut edge. A cleaner edge saves time by reducing the post-cutting cleanup and ensures your welded joints are stronger if you weld several pieces of metal together. 

Pro Tip

Keeping your cutting tool cool is especially beneficial for softer metals like aluminum, where the line between cutting and melting can sometimes blur.

Enhanced Cutting Tool Lifespan

The final reason you should use wax sticks when cutting metal is to extend the lifespan of your cutting tools. Wax sticks help protect against wear and tear, helping tools last longer while maintaining peak performance. 

By reducing friction and heat, you can help the cutting edge of your tool last longer. This means less frequent sharpening or replacing, saving you money on maintenance and new tools. Additionally, when your tools stay sharp, every cut remains as good as the first, allowing you to maintain a high level of productivity throughout their extended lifespan.

Why It Matters

Saw blades are expensive, and you want to get as much use out of these assets as possible. Using wax sticks helps maintain the tool as you use it.

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