Best Cold Saw Blades for Cutting Stainless Steel

We often get calls from customers who want their HSS cold saw blades to stay sharp longer when cutting stainless steel or similar materials that are hard on blades. Each time we get one of these calls we recommend our M35 Co5 cold saw blades which contain 5% cobalt. You can think of this the same way you would a drill bit. There are M2 HSS drill bits and there are HSS drill bits that contain cobalt. The bit (or blade in our case) that contains cobalt will always stay sharp longer than it would without cobalt.

M35 blades are made from M35 tool steel containing 5% cobalt in addition to the alloy elements already present in the M2 blades. They are considered super high-speed steel blades which will provide extra hardness (66 HRc) for cutting stainless steel and hard alloy steels above 800 N/mm².

These blades will stay on your machine longer when cutting stainless steel, titanium, inconel, tool steel, etc. It is important to remember that the material the blade is made out of is not the only factor that will determine how long your cold saw blade will stay sharp or on your machine before dulling. In addition, you will always want to make sure you are using the optimal number of teeth on your blade for your specific application. When you combine all factors together you will definitely get more life.

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We stock and sell cold saw blades for every machine. You can shop our M35 blades by clicking here: M35 Cold Saw Blades with 5% Cobalt

We stock, sell, and sharpen thousands of cold saw blades for every application and every machine including but not limited to:

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