Cold Saw Blade Coatings

Cold Saw Shop offers many different coatings for your sawing applications. If you are interested in learning more about these coatings please read the information below or give us a call for expert technical assistance.

Black Oxide Coating

All cold saw blades used to cut steel products should have a coating. The most common coating is black oxide, sometimes referred to as vapor steam coated. The coating is most important to help prevent galling. Galling is caused by friction between sliding surfaces, most commonly found in metal on metal applications when there is inadequate lubrication between the surfaces. The combination of the coated blade and your flood coolant will prevent this issue.

TiN Coating

The second most common coating is TiN (titanium nitride) coating. TiN coated blades will increase the wear resistance even more than vapor oxide. TiN coated blades are most commonly used when cutting thin stainless parts such as thin wall tubing. You should notice an increase in blade life when using this coating.

TiCN Coating

Adding carbon to the TiN coating gives us Titanium Carbon Nitride which delivers an even lower friction coefficient than TiN and TiAlN. Blue grey in color, this coating has a hard, smooth finish offering improved wear and built up edge resistance. TiCN has a lower temperature threshold making it superior than TiN when sawing stainless steels, high nickel alloys, and non-ferrous materials. 

TiAlN Coating

Titanium Aluminum Nitride delivers the highest temperature resistant coating available. Violet in color, TiAlN provides a high degree of surface hardness making it a good choice for uninterrupted cuts. For this reason, this coating is usually recommended for production sawing or for customers who are having a hard time with blade life when cutting stainless steel, titanium alloys, inconel, cast iron, or tool steel.

M35 Co5 5% Cobalt Blades

In addition to the coatings listed above, we also offer M35 blades. M35 blades are made from M35 tool steel containing 5% cobalt in addition to the alloy elements already present in the M2 blades. They are considered super high-speed steel blades which will provide extra hardness (66 HRc) for cutting stainless steel and hard alloy steels above 800 N/mm². M35 blades are the best choice when sawing hard to cut materials like thick walled or solid stainless steel or tool steel. 

Our M35 blades can also be coated with any of the coatings. Coated M35 blades are special orders and must be ordered over the phone.