Why the Grade of Your Carbide Blade Is Important To Know

Why the Grade of Your Carbide Blade Is Important To Know

Metalworkers, welders, and manufacturers rely on carbide blades for cutting and drilling. These tools are made of a tough, durable material called tungsten carbide, which is known for its strength and resistance to heat and wear. As new saws or blades wear out, it becomes crucial to buy the appropriate replacement. Find out what grade means and why the grade of your carbide blade is essential to know.

Defining Blade Grade

The grade of a carbide blade refers to the quality and composition of the materials used to create it. These components determine the blade's hardness, resistance to wear, and, ultimately, its performance and lifespan. 

There are many different grades of carbide blades, each with a unique composition and hardness. Some common grades include C-2, C-4, C-6, and C-8. The grade number typically correlates with the percentage of tungsten carbide in the blade's composition; a higher grade implies a sturdier blade suited for stronger material.

Why Blade Grade Matters

The grade of your carbide blade is important because it directly affects worker efficiency as well as the saw’s cutting ability, durability, and longevity.

Attempting to use a blade with a grade that is too low on sturdy materials like metal or stone can lead to premature wear and dullness. On the other hand, using a blade with a grade that is too high for softer materials like wood may cause unnecessary chipping and damage.

Essentially, a blade's grade provides crucial information on its hardness. A C-2 blade isn't as hard as a C-6 blade, so it will not efficiently cut through tough materials. 

How To Choose the Right Blade Grade

The blade you need depends heavily on the type of material you'll cut. Hard materials like metal require a blade with a higher carbide grade than is necessary for softer materials.

For instance, you'll need a C-6 blade to cut various metals, but a C-2 blade is better suited for cutting softwood or plywood. If you don't know the grade of carbide blade you need, consult the manufacturer from which you buy your saw blades. As industry experts, they can recommend the right grade based on your specific cutting needs.

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