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Tips For Using Your New Cold Saw Blade

High-speed steel (HSS) cold saw blades do not "cut" - they "mill" through your material. It is important to remember that - especially with a manual machine - you have to let the cold saw blade do the work. Forcing the blade through the material will only decrease the life of, damage, and/or break your cold saw blade. Below are some additional tips to getting more life and using your blade optimally. A lot of these tips might sound self-explanatory, but it never hurts to revisit them especially is you have multiple employees who might be using your cold saw machinery.

  • As mentioned above, it is very important to let the blade do the work. Too much pressure will increase chattering and vibration leading to premature dulling.
  • Of course, we always want to make sure the cold saw blade is tightly secured to the main spindle and the boltholes against the bolts in the right rotation to prevent backlash.
  • Your material must always be tightly clamped in the vise to ensure it does not move in the cut. If your material moves in the cut, you are sure to break your cold saw blade.
  • If possible, always make sure to cut through the thinnest part of the material first. For example - when cutting 1" x 3" flat bar, stand it up so your cold saw blade cuts through the 1" part. If you are cutting angle iron, cut with the angle pointing up.
  • If your cold saw machine has two speeds, reduce it to the lower speed when cutting stainless or alloy steels. If possible, use a smaller diameter with a higher pitch.
  • Inversely, when cutting non-ferrous material, use the higher speed, larger diameter, with fewer teeth.
  • If you are cutting square tubing with a seam, make sure the wall with the seam is set up so it is vertical in the cut.

All of these tips for cold saw blades should be used in combination with each other for the best performance and life.

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