Prolonging Your Cold Saw Machine & Cold Saw Blade Life

  1. It is very important to keep your machine clean. This includes the vise, table, and saw collars. A dirty vise could lead to it not opening or the head not being able to rotate. It is also possible for coolant and chips to freeze these parts into place or for saw chips to embed and rust themselves into the machine.
  2. Keep the saw collar and the areas around the bolt hole of the blade clean. We get a lot of blades in for sharpening and have seen so many come in with worn hubs. This is important because it only takes a small amount of debris in the saw collar to cause the blade to wobble. This could lead to premature dulling or worse – broken teeth.
  3. Your cold saw machine is like your car – you must change the gearbox oil regularly and keep all lubrication points oiled or greased as needed. Furthermore, you will also want to make sure to always use clean, fresh water-soluble coolant for the best sawing performance.
  4. Let the blade do the work! Forcing the blade through the material by hanging on the handle can put too much undue stress on the blade to the point it could break teeth or crack the blade. It is important to let the blade dictate the cutting rate and set the chip load. This will lead to less cutting effort and good finish quality. If you feel your blade is cutting way too slow it could be dull or you could be using too many teeth. Call us for a tooth count recommendation.
  5. It is important to change blades regularly. Forcing extra cuts from a worn-out blade can lead to a heavier regrind of the cold saw blade which means your blade will lose diameter and reduce your cutting capacity quicker.
  6. Always use the proper blade for the material you are cutting. This could mean using the right blade thickness, tooth count, or coating.
  7. Finally – clamping. The number one reason for cold saw blade failure is improper material clamping. If the material moves in the cut, it could be a very bad thing for your cold saw blade. The better you clamp your material the better your cut will be. Additionally, make sure there are no chips under your material. This could lead to a cut that is not square.
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