3 Reasons Why Your Steel Cutting Saw Blades Keep Breaking

3 Reasons Why Your Steel Cutting Saw Blades Keep Breaking

Cold saw blades are an essential asset to various industries that work with metal, but having to regularly replace blades becomes expensive. Often, when circle saw blades break, the teeth wear down or chip, which makes it harder to cut through material. Saw blades can break for many reasons, including improper use, the age of the blade, and the quality of the blade. Read on to understand why your steel cutting blades keep breaking and learn how to prevent this issue.

You're Using the Blades Incorrectly

Imagine trying to cut through a block of hard cheese with a soft butter knife; you'd quickly find that the knife isn't up to the task, and you might even damage it in the process. The same principle applies to steel-cutting saw blades.

Trying to cut specific materials, such as stainless steel, with a blade designed to cut through standard steel slightly damages the tool. Manufacturers design blades with different tooth configurations and materials for specific cutting purposes.

Pro Tip

To prevent this type of breakage, always review the product description before buying a new blade. Pay extra attention to the recommended materials that the blade can cut through.

Your Blades Are Old

Another reason your steel cutting blades keep breaking could occur relate to age and how often you use them. Over time, the blade's teeth can become dull, and the metal can weaken, making it more susceptible to breaking. Holding onto an old blade for the sake of saving money can damage your equipment or cause an injury to the saw operator.

Your Blades Are Poor Quality

Finally, the quality of your steel cutting saw blades plays a significant role in their durability. Low-quality blades are more likely to break or wear out quickly, leading to frequent replacements and increased costs.

When you shop for saw blades, quality should always be one of the top factors you consider alongside price. Although some blades may appear cheap, they may also be low quality, meaning they’ll be more likely to break during cuts. A high-quality saw blade is a worthwhile investment that helps increase worker efficiency anytime the saw is in use. 

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Buy the best saw blades at Cold Saw Shop. Options such as our steel cutting saw blades can easily slice through a variety of metals while providing long-lasting performance. With proper use and maintenance, our saw blades can help prevent the frustration and costs associated with frequent blade breakage. 

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